Licensed Tainan Tour Manager

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Contact e-mail:
0933351053 (+886 93335153)
Has English menu
Specialized food or service: 
Tours around Tainan

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*FEE:  NT 600   (One Hour Guided Tour) = USD 19
          NT 900    (1.5 Hours Tour)
          NT 1200  (2 Hours Tour)
          NT  1500  (2.5 Hours Tour)

*Fee please pay upfront.
  CASH ONLY:  USD, CAD, EURO accepted.

*Reservation requested.

*Fee apply to Tour or short term Assistant.

*Pick Up Point:  Entrance of CARREFOR Supermarket An Ping Store 
                    700 台南市中西區中華西路2段16號
                     16 Chung Hua West Road Sec. 2 Tainan 700 

                      (Cnr of Yong Hua Road and Chung Hua West Road)

Tainan is the first capital city in Taiwan history, also the oldest city of Taiwan.  Architecture, heritage, food, local life are  out there for you to see.

If you only want to take a quick look of Tainan City.  You can take the 1.5 hours tour.  But most of the sightseeing can only drive pass with brief introduction of the spot.   I would suggest 3 hours for each area, if you want to stop at every spots.

Trip A:

Chihkanlou /The Chamber of Red Hill
Confucius Temple & Old Street
Old Tainan Prefecture Hall
Tainan Railway Station
Koxinga's Shrine
Old Lin’s Department Store

Trip B:
An Ping District
Eternal Golden Castle
Anping Fort
Tait & Co. (Merchant House)
Lin Mo-Niang Park

More destinations can be arranged. 

If you are one as below, please do not hesitate to contact me.

*Going to live in Tainan City?
*Going to work in Tainan City?
*Need a temporal assistant while you are in Tainan City?
*Planning to vist Tainan City?
*Need a person helping you to communicate to local people?
*Need assitant to shop with you for your family and friends?
*Want to wknow where to buy every day needs
*Would like to know more about local food?
*Have slightly problem with your Mandarin?
*Want to know more about local life and places
*Or just want to take a glance of Tainan City?

What Included:
Transportation & Guidance

What not Included:
Food... (If you would like to try, you can just buy on your own as you like...)
Some Entrance Ticket, will advice in advance.

**Receipt will be given to each service.

Need more details? Plesae send me a email and let me know your
request. Cheers!!

Name:  Jacaranda W
Mobile:  0933351053 (In Taiwan)
             +886 93335153  (Outside Taiwan)
FAX:  06 2617201  (In Taiwan)  (24 Hours)
         +886 6 2617201 (Outside Taiwan) (24 Hours)

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