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Who's doing what healing / bodywork

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Meet Up

A meet up for any activities and topics that interest you

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Strategic Approach to International Organization

Plattform for students of tis course

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Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods course

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Organizational Development

Organizational Development course

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MS Word - Formatting tips and tricks

Formatting reports can be frustrating, but it need not be, so here's a group for questions, discussions, and solutions.

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Promotion Strategy

Promotion Strategy course - IIM

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Marketing Theory

Marketing Theory Course

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Business/Video Discussion Group

A place to discuss business/econimic issues.

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A place to share ideas on how we can bring AACSB accreditation to the College of Management

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Cultural Studies: Introduction and Theory

with Prof. Che-ming (Philip) Yang

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Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

with Prof. Pei-Hsuan Hsieh, on Tuesday and Friday mornings

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Human Security and Sustainable Development

with Prof. Chou (Department of Political Science) on Tuesday mornings, room 27610

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Government and Politics in Southeast Asia

with Prof. Han (Department of Political Science), Mondays 9:10-12:00, in 27203

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Business Ethics and Law

Business Ethics and Law course by Juan-Ren Chen

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Seminar on Strategic Alliance

with Dr. Shu-Hui Chen

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Business Ethics and IT Security

Business Ethics and IT Security by Prof. Victor Chen

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IHRM PhD seminar with Prof. Hsih

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Academic writing

A collection of ideas and links to help in writing academic papers.

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everything about linguistics

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NCKU internationalization team

NCKU internationalization team

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IIM Student Council

A student organization encouraging involvement, global perspective, organization, academics, business relationships and fun!

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Financial Management

Financial Management with Prof.. Shao-Chi Chang

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IMBA PhD - Student Academic

Group for the academic matters and issues of the PhD students.

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discussing group

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Theory in Investments (Fall 2007)

Theory of Investments class taught by Professor Pinghsun Huang at the Graduate Institute of Finance and Banking

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NCKU Activities Planner

Activity Planner - Way to relax and have fun

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NCKU IMBA PhD students

The NCKU IMBA PhD students group

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Business Research Methods

BRM Group

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Knowledge Management course

Knowledge Management course

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Corporate Finance I

Corporate Finance I class (Fall 2007) taught by Dr. Hsuan-Chu Lin.

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Knowledge Management - Fili group

A Knowledge Management group (Fili)

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Business Decision Methods

Business Decision Methods with Prof. Pan

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The NCKU Toastmasters club

An NCKU student club for promoting international leadership

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International Exchange Association for Students - IEAS

An NCKU student club for international cultural exchange

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Strategic Management Theory

Strategic Management Theory class - Prof. Wu

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